Because the prices of Comphy / COOP products fluctuate, and special orders may be eligible for discounts, prices cannot be estimated until the order is assembled.

The Tallman Hotel’s Front Desk staff can use the Comphy website to determine current prices and availability of color options for the desired items.  Once submitted to Comphy a solid quote is generated and can be provided to the guest.  If the order is placed it will be shipped directly to the address provided during the order process, so our guests can ship surprise gifts to family directly from the Hotel during their stay.

While the prices quoted by staff will be directly from the website, we are able to order custom sizes of sheets unlike direct website orders.  The hotel’s air mattress sheets are a nonstandard dimension and were created specifically for our air mattresses.  By having us generate the quote for you, as a business partner, we can do more than our guests buying direct.  Custom orders may delay shipping.

Please visit the Front Desk to start your order!

Products in-use at the Tallman Hotel