Road Scholar Programs

The Tallman has a close relationship with the Road Scholar Program, which puts on outstanding multi-day adult education and travel programs throughout the world.  Participants in each one enjoy our first rate accommodations and meals and get an intimate introduction to the wonders of Lake County.  The Tallman owners and staff are directly involved in arranging speakers and field trips that would be impossible on an individual visit.

In May 2013 we hosted a Backcountry Birding Adventure led by birding expert and photographer Brad Barnwell.  Check out a 7 Minute Video of the May program and learn more at the program page on the Road Scholar web site.  A similar birding programs is planned for Sept. 20-25, 2015. Sign up by going to the Road Scholar web site and typing in Program Number 20378.

In the spring and fall of each year, we host Lake County wine education weeks aptly named “North of Napa: Wine Country the Way it Used to Be.”  Click here to get a feel for the week from a nice photo album compiled by Pam and Gary Panattoni at the October 2012 program or see a 7 Minute Video done by Bernie Butcher about the May 2013 program or a 3 Minute Video done by Lisa Teso for Road Scholar, Inc. of the May 2014 program.  And learn more by viewing the program page on the Road Scholar web site. Sign up also at the Road Scholar web site by typing in Program Number 19191.  The next wine program at the Tallman is scheduled for Oct. 4-9, 2015.

Here’s what John W. from Palmdale said about the May 2012 wine program:

The lodging, food, wine, instructors, staff…..all supurb.  In the approximately 20 programs we have attended, this is the only one where nothing could be done to improve it.

In 2015, we’ve added a new program (#22017 on the Road Scholar web site) titled My Hometown: Rural Lake County CA that will be based at the Tallman October 18-23, 2015.  This will be an excellent opportunity for an in-depth look at the natural history, food, wine, art and music of this unique area.  Learn more.